Just add water

put a sprinkler either under the surface of the trampoline or off to one side and let the kids jump in their bathing suits and sunscreen and enjoy a hot summer day.  Be sure to exercise caution as the jumping surface can get slippery when wet.

Inflatable beach ball

have the entire family lay on the trampoline with their heads together in the center and try and keep the ball in the air using their hands and legs. Count how many times you are able to toss the ball up before you lose control of it and try and go for an all-time high record.

Hopper ball

pick up a fun hopper ball with a handle for the kids at any sports store or toy retailer and let the kids hop across the trampoline {one at a time for this one}.

Jump rope snake

have one person stand outside the trampoline and move a jump rope back and forth over the surface of the trampoline in an “s” formation.  Then one child tries to jump over the rope {aka “snake”} without getting “bit”.  If they touch it, the children switch places.

Water bombs

one of our favorite summer day activities is changing into swimwear and then playing catch with water toys that soak up water, like Water Bombs. Add that fun to your trampoline and its hours and hours of soaking fun.

Picasso unleashed

did you know you can write on the jumping surface of your trampoline with sidewalk chalk? It’s true! Think of it like a giant canvas and see what you can create as a family! Once you start jumping the chalk will come off slowly or it will disappear completely with a slight rain.

By Jumpking.com
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