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It’s summer! Perfect time for some trampoline games! Even when we get a good weather day in winter, we want to make the most of our trampoline. Aside from the all those health and well being benefits, playing games on our trampoline can offer a great type of entertainment at the same time as exercising. Here are some of my favourite trampoline games to play with friends and family. For all of these, it will be better to use a trampoline net around the outside to ensure gets injured and have maximum fun!

Bum Wars

There can be no trampoline game more fun than bum wars! The idea of this is that the last one standing wins! We need at least 2 players but this game can be played with more players. Before the game starts each player jumps a few times to warm up and then when they are all set, they each drop down to their back and then get back up, landing on their feet. Each player is only allowed one bum bounce and one feet bounce. If they do double of either, they have to start all over.


I read about this game on internet. It must be played on a trampoline with a net to ensure safety. One player is chosen, and everyone, including that player places their one hand on the net. This hand must stay on the net at all times. In this side of mark, players run around the outside of the trampoline as fast as they can, with their one hand on the net. The player who was chosen attempts to mark the other players. Once marked, they are out.


This game is one of my favorite. One person sits in the middle of the trampoline, holding their knees with their hands. The other person jumps and tries to get the middle person’s arms to open.

Four Boxes

It would work on a rectangular. The person who is chosen closes their eyes and counts, sitting in the middle of the trampoline. Everyone else moves to a corner of the trampoline. When he says 10, everyone stops moving. With his eyes still closed, the chosen one point to a corner and everyone there is out.

Poison Balls

In this game we can put some balls or any other soft item on the trampoline; the kids pretend that the material is poison and jump while trying to avoid it, which of course rolls around unpredictably. If someone is touched by it, they are out.

August 29, 2016.

4 Trampoline Safety Tips

Trampolines are pretty ordinary backyard items these days. They're great when you have a kid or two who wants to burn off some liveliness, and they're outstanding for possession people entertained when you have a house full of companies. But like most great things, these awesome methods of entertainment can also present great reasons for concern if they're not properly appeared to.

Here are four summer trampoline safety tips that will put a bounce into everyone's step when they come to your family:

Keep It in the Open

Your trampoline should be placed out in the open and distant from trees, fences, light posts, or other inanimate objects. The risk of damage increases considerably if your trampoline is too close to these types of substances.

Keep an Eye on the Springs and Bolts

Before any jumpers step foot on the mat, make sure the bolts are super close-fitting and the springs are correctly positioned, and don't get satisfied after you've had your trampoline for a while. You should always check the springs to guarantee they're taught and safe; if they're not, it's time to buy replacements. Also, make sure that the springs are enclosed by some form of defense. A padded mat is a traditional method, however many have occupied to custom- cutting pool noodles to guard jumpers from spring-related damages. Whatever method you choose, just make sure it doesn’t inhibit with the purpose of the springs.

Consider a Safety Net Enclosure

Trampoline safety nets attach to the construction straight near the mat, aiding in the anticipation of contact with the springs and frame. The enclosure avoids contact with the ground below if correctly installed.

Level It Out

Placing a trampoline on a rough surface is just asking for anxiety. Be aware not to place the trampoline on an incline so jumpers aren't greeted with unpredicted surfaces. A single difficult landing as a result of an uneven playing space can result in expensive medical expenditures if your jumper hurts him or herself. Even poorer, it could mean obligation issues if the injured person is just a guest in your home.

August 29, 2016.

6 Activities to Have Fun with Your Whole Family on a Trampoline

Just add water

put a sprinkler either under the surface of the trampoline or off to one side and let the kids jump in their bathing suits and sunscreen and enjoy a hot summer day.  Be sure to exercise caution as the jumping surface can get slippery when wet.

Inflatable beach ball

have the entire family lay on the trampoline with their heads together in the center and try and keep the ball in the air using their hands and legs. Count how many times you are able to toss the ball up before you lose control of it and try and go for an all-time high record.

Hopper ball

pick up a fun hopper ball with a handle for the kids at any sports store or toy retailer and let the kids hop across the trampoline {one at a time for this one}.

Jump rope snake

have one person stand outside the trampoline and move a jump rope back and forth over the surface of the trampoline in an “s” formation.  Then one child tries to jump over the rope {aka “snake”} without getting “bit”.  If they touch it, the children switch places.

Water bombs

one of our favorite summer day activities is changing into swimwear and then playing catch with water toys that soak up water, like Water Bombs. Add that fun to your trampoline and its hours and hours of soaking fun.

Picasso unleashed

did you know you can write on the jumping surface of your trampoline with sidewalk chalk? It’s true! Think of it like a giant canvas and see what you can create as a family! Once you start jumping the chalk will come off slowly or it will disappear completely with a slight rain.

August 29, 2016.

Fun Trampoline Games to Play with Adults


In Addition trampolines can be more than just a basis for fitness by jumping up and down. You can play uncommon games on the trampolines to have fun. The extra coil that trampolines give while jumping delivers more trails and fun to players looking to have more fun with different games while working out at the same time.


One player performances as the snake and piles a jump rope back and forth across the surface of the trampoline. All the extra players jump around the trampoline thoughdodging the jump rope. If the rope traces someone on the trampoline, he becomes the new snake.

Crack the Egg

A player volunteers to be the egg and sits in the mid of the trampoline holding his/her knees to his/her upper body with his/her arms. The other players jump around until they finally losses their legs. They can then select the next player to be the egg. Take carefulness with this game and do not jump too close to the egg to ensure safety.

Simon Says

One player starts as Simon, and everybody else has to follow him. Simon performs a trick on the trampoline, and the rest of the players have to copy it. If a player performs the trick incorrectly, he is eliminated from the round. The last player remaining becomes Simon next round.


In this game, players keep adding to a set of tricks. One player performs a trick, and then the next one does that trick plus her own. Each player keeps adding, and the list keeps growing. Players lose when they perform the wrong trick or do the list of out of order. The last player remaining wins

August 29, 2016.

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