In Addition trampolines can be more than just a basis for fitness by jumping up and down. You can play uncommon games on the trampolines to have fun. The extra coil that trampolines give while jumping delivers more trails and fun to players looking to have more fun with different games while working out at the same time.


One player performances as the snake and piles a jump rope back and forth across the surface of the trampoline. All the extra players jump around the trampoline thoughdodging the jump rope. If the rope traces someone on the trampoline, he becomes the new snake.

Crack the Egg

A player volunteers to be the egg and sits in the mid of the trampoline holding his/her knees to his/her upper body with his/her arms. The other players jump around until they finally losses their legs. They can then select the next player to be the egg. Take carefulness with this game and do not jump too close to the egg to ensure safety.

Simon Says

One player starts as Simon, and everybody else has to follow him. Simon performs a trick on the trampoline, and the rest of the players have to copy it. If a player performs the trick incorrectly, he is eliminated from the round. The last player remaining becomes Simon next round.


In this game, players keep adding to a set of tricks. One player performs a trick, and then the next one does that trick plus her own. Each player keeps adding, and the list keeps growing. Players lose when they perform the wrong trick or do the list of out of order. The last player remaining wins

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