It’s summer! Perfect time for some trampoline games! Even when we get a good weather day in winter, we want to make the most of our trampoline. Aside from the all those health and well being benefits, playing games on our trampoline can offer a great type of entertainment at the same time as exercising. Here are some of my favourite trampoline games to play with friends and family. For all of these, it will be better to use a trampoline net around the outside to ensure gets injured and have maximum fun!

Bum Wars

There can be no trampoline game more fun than bum wars! The idea of this is that the last one standing wins! We need at least 2 players but this game can be played with more players. Before the game starts each player jumps a few times to warm up and then when they are all set, they each drop down to their back and then get back up, landing on their feet. Each player is only allowed one bum bounce and one feet bounce. If they do double of either, they have to start all over.


I read about this game on internet. It must be played on a trampoline with a net to ensure safety. One player is chosen, and everyone, including that player places their one hand on the net. This hand must stay on the net at all times. In this side of mark, players run around the outside of the trampoline as fast as they can, with their one hand on the net. The player who was chosen attempts to mark the other players. Once marked, they are out.


This game is one of my favorite. One person sits in the middle of the trampoline, holding their knees with their hands. The other person jumps and tries to get the middle person’s arms to open.

Four Boxes

It would work on a rectangular. The person who is chosen closes their eyes and counts, sitting in the middle of the trampoline. Everyone else moves to a corner of the trampoline. When he says 10, everyone stops moving. With his eyes still closed, the chosen one point to a corner and everyone there is out.

Poison Balls

In this game we can put some balls or any other soft item on the trampoline; the kids pretend that the material is poison and jump while trying to avoid it, which of course rolls around unpredictably. If someone is touched by it, they are out.

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