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About Us

Jump King started in 1948. The company is the largest manufacturer and seller of recreational trampolines in the world, accounting for sixty percent of US trampoline sales. Jump King is headquartered in Addison, Texas.

In 2005 Jump King was purchased by YJ (USA) Corporation. YJ (USA) corporation  specializes and functions as a sewing manufacture of textiles, soft goods and metals and it has now gone into the trampoline business.


A Letter from a Customer

"Dear Trampoline Manufacturer, My name is ......., and I am a 10th grade student at Oaks Christian High School in Westlake Village, California. I simply wanted to express my gratitude for your trampoline. I have enjoyed my trampoline very much... The following is a tribute to my trampoline.

... My trampoline is a safe place for me, and I can do whatever I want when I am on its surface. I can, sleep, read, laugh, cry, dream, hope, wish, jump, bounce, run, roll, fall, and just be me. I have so many wonderful memories on my trampoline. Mundane activities are made more wonderful when they are done on a trampoline. A book is more thrilling when read on a trampoline, joy is more tangible when expressed on a trampoline, and sorrow is less potent when confronted on a trampoline... I can lie on my back and daydream in the effulgence of the morning sun. In the peace of my backyard on my trampoline, I can enjoy solitude and do whatever activity is inspired by my mood.

One of the most endearing aspects of my trampoline is that no matter how I feel or what my mood happens to be, my trampoline always welcomes. It doesn't matter if I want to sing with joy or sob in anguish, my trampoline always welcomes me. When I am angry, I can fling myself about the trampoline until I collapse with exhaustion, and my trampoline will let me wear myself out without interposing. If I am worried I can hop distractedly around the trampoline, and it will gently lift my feet time and time again as I pace out my anxiety. When I am filled with inexpressible joy, my trampoline launches me into the sky, and when I fall back down to earth, my trampoline urges me to soar again.

... While some find trampolines dangerous and frivolous, I find them exciting and important. On my trampoline, I have the freedom to do anything and feel anything. My trampoline is a tiny alcove in a busy world. As I climb onto my trampoline, I find respite from my worldly cares. Homework fades into the background as I get a little time to be alone. Free from worries and liberated from concerns. I can slip away into a quiet world on my trampoline."

YJ (USA) Corp., Trampolines, Addison, TX